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In 2004, one was able to get to the first pages of the Google SERP using some tactics such as algorithm updates (e.g., Panda and Pigeon). However, currently, the use of these tactics can make a site to be forgotten completely. In order to remain in the Google search result page, you might need to have the help of a professional, or if your site has been already penalized, there are things that you can do in order to rectify the issue. The following are tips by Ivan Konovalov, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, that'll help you to reach the top Google positions.

User-friendly content.

The main aim of Google is to display content that is relevant and friendly to the users. Depending on the business sector you work, there might be a need for weekly updating of the site. If it is not updated, then it would be outdated to the users. Therefore, what SEO should do is to keep on updating the site so that it can be relevant to users for a long period of time.

Article spinning and duplicate content.

An article spinning means that one has written an article that has the same ideas as another article. Duplicate content means that one is rewriting or copy pasting the same thing on different articles and this can be easily detected. However, at the same time, this person did not mean to cause any harm. In case this happens, what one can do instead is to hire a professional copywriter to write a high-quality, unique content.

Affiliate market.

If one runs a business, it is important not to build links or give you products in exchange for a positive review. Besides, don't forget to ask bloggers to include the "nofollow" attribute. Also, if one is an online seller, it is good not to add the "dofollow" attributes. But in case this happens, what one can do instead is to encourage the reviewers to be honest or by making sure that the products you are selling are of high quality.

Before placing links on your site, you have to make as much SEO improvements as possible. The best option here is to hire a professional SEO specialist who is able to analyze a website for improvements and make it highly ranked on the SERPs. Thus, you'll not only improve and speed up your site but also make your business thrive.

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